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Combat hard, cracked, dry and rough-feeling heels in your sleep (or even at work!) with our innovative Beautyfeet Heel Pad Socks.

These plain, black ankle socks look like your average pair of socks, but a unique nourishing integrated inner heel pad helps to smooth, soften and repair damaged heels. Each heel pad contains a special formula, which combines moisturising ingredients with a secret Chinese herbal recipe, and Nano-Silver - an antibacterial particle technology.

Customers who tried our Beautyfeet socks said they noticed a difference after just one day! Wearing for at least 8 hours a day will give you the best results, so just pop them on for work in the morning or before you go to bed and... Job done!

No more creams, plasters and potions! Give them a try for yourself and make your feet beautiful again.

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